Our Mission

100% of the proceeds from our events will be donated to “Dream Tours.”  We hope to inspire underprivileged youth by introducing them to experiences that they never knew existed.  These will range from arts, government, education, history, and culture.  Each event will be hosted by a successful speaker from that area who can help give the children a goal and a map that they can strive for more.  Each child would also be left with reading material and a memory to help reinforce the experience.  Urban Hope will help find those children and neighborhoods around the city in the most need of hope and a plan.  Each experience will be geared toward the age group, to have the most impact.

Young Adults

The inner city struggles with children who have not graduated high school and have a hard time finding good jobs.  Combine this with gang influences, and broken homes,  it becomes hard for these children to have expectations in the job market.  Help us inspire these young men and woman to reach their potential.


Several years ago we were confronted with the disturbing reality that 85% of Juvenile Delinquents in our city are functionally illiterate and that the critical year is 2nd grade.  If a child is not reading at grade level by 3rd grade, they are statistically doomed.  The impact of illiteracy in an under-resourced community is devastating.  If 10-20% of the children in a 2nd grade class are unable to read, the entire class will be negatively impacted. By third and fourth grade, the frustration and shame often turns into rage.  By the time they reach Junior High, they are easy prey for gangs and drug dealers.